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Animation Events Calendar

Year: 2020

1January, 2020
Jan 25 Annie Awards 2020
Jan 29 The Creators Society L.A. January 2020 Animation Social
Feb 10 Kidscreen Summit 2020
Feb 20 The Creators Society: Developing an Animated Series
Feb 26 The Creators Society L.A. Feb 2020 Animation Social
Mar 30 Bologna Children's Bookfair 2020
Mar 31 The Creators Society Virtual March 2020 Animation Social
Apr 07 Ground Zero Animation Expo 2020
Apr 09 The Creators Society: Work From Home Animation Production
Apr 21 The Creators Society: Ins and Outs of Voice Casting for Animation
Apr 29 The Creators Society Virtual April 2020 Animation Social
May 08 The Creators Society: Home Studio Voice Recording For Animation
May 27 The Creators Society Virtual May 2020 Animation Social
Jun 24 The Creators Society: Making A Career As A Storyboard Artist In Animation
Jun 30 The Creators Society June 2020 Virtual Animation Social
Jul 08 Volunteer with The Creators Society
Jul 14 The Creators Society: How Emerging Technologies are Shaping the Future of Content Creation
Jul 22 The Creators Society Discord Open Server Party
Jul 28 The Creators Society's 5 Year Anniversary Celebration & July 2020 Virtual Animation Social
Aug 12 The Creators Society: Communications Committee Meeting
Aug 18 The Creators Society: Careers Committee Meeting
Aug 21 The Creators Society Conversations with Mark-Leon Rivera
Aug 31 The Creators Society Aug. 2020 Virtual Animation Social
Sep 11 Lightbox Expo 2020
Sep 19 The Creators Society's Casting Director Insights: Live Casting Session
Sep 23 Ottawa International Animation Festival 2020
Sep 30 The Creators Society Sept. 2020 Virtual Animation Social
Nov 16 CTN-LIVE event and Virtual Marketplace 2020

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