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The Creators Society

Charter Members

When transferring The Creators Society into a membership organization the founder, Eric Miller, reached out to a small group of people who had been an integral part of the Society before we started offering memberships.  They established the foundation for the rest of our members to grow from.

Eric M. Miller

Gary Conrad

Hayden Patterson

Jared White

Michael Miller

 Max Alley

Mary Lou Dorgalli

Tracy Martin

Aaron Smith

Andrew Miller

Aaron Margolin

Ray Forziati

Our Goal to reach 100 members


The First 100

Including the charter members above, here are the first 100 members who joined The Creators Society.  While we continue to grow our membership we wanted to honor where we started. 

Laila Berzins

Dan Wicksman

Jessica Paz

Nathan Freeman

Katiana Brosz

David Andrade

Christopher Thomas

Katie Hermalik

Elina Mushinskaya

Ken Bielenberg

David Nelson

Emily Ferber

Katia Grifols

Angelo Gazzia

Tyler Sandifer

Max Dweck

Lance Daniel

Kevin Fintland

Nina Hirten

Rebecca Davis

Maureen Macomber

Carolyn Carter

Kennedy Kigoonya

Ally Halliburton

Stephie Theodora

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