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Voice Actors Branch

Members of the Voice Actors Branch are Actors, Casting and Voice Directors and Talent Representatives, the creative individuals who work together to bring a character's voice to life.

The Voice Actors branch organizes events in relation to the represented professions and this creative process. Q&As, interactive programs, conversations between creators, social and educational chats, and events.

Roles Included in this Branch

Voice Actors
Casting Directors
Casting Associate
Voice Directors
Dialogue/ADR Supervisor
Voice Talent Representatives

Get Involved!

Are you interested in getting involved with planning and putting on our Branch events and programs? If so, please join us on our Branch's Basecamp.

Branch Council

Claire Dodin
Branch Chief

Valeria Zunzun
Branch Vice-Chief

Diana Lansleen
Branch Councilor

Katie Leigh
Branch Councilor

Daniel Ross
Branch Councilor

Featured Branch Members

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