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Emerging Technology Branch

Visual effects have evolved over the years and have started to take a prominent role in how the narrative is told. With developments in technology, tools and workflow, the line between different aspects of production and are rapidly blurring the uncanny valley. The Emerging Technology Branch of The Creative Society is designed for traditional visual effects artists, creatives and technology fields of VR, AR, XR & Virtual Production. Our aim is at facilitating conversations within the industry to further push the boundaries of creativity & technology.

Roles Included in this Branch

Visual Effects

FX Artists
Technical Artists
Technical Directors
Character FX Artists
Environment Effects Artists

Technology & Development

Technical Directors
Production & Pipeline Technology Developers

Gaming & Immersive Media

Asset developers & effects artists for cinematic production
VR/AR/XR Developers
VR/AR/XE Production & post production artists

Virtual Production

Unreal Engine/Unity developers for Virtual Production
Large format display technologists
Virtual Production Technical Directors
Stage Technology Personne

Get Involved!

Are you interested in getting involved with planning and putting on our Branch events and programs? If so, please join us on our Branch's Basecamp.

Branch Chief

Shyam Kannapurakkaran
VR Supervisor

Branch Vice-Chief

Chase Laux
Houdini Artist

Branch Members

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