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Editorial & Sound Branch

This is the place for the Editorial & Sound Branch volunteers to gather, talk, and share stuff that doesn’t fit into any one project or initiative. If the topic is something involving multiple Branches, Committees, or members outside this group a project should be created for those topics.

Roles Included in this Branch

Picture Editors
Composers / Songwriters
Sound Mixers
Music Editors
Music Supervisors
Sound Editors

Sound Designers
Foley Artists
Audio / ADR / Dubbing Engineers
Dialogue Editors
Re-Recording Mixers

Get Involved!

Are you interested in getting involved with planning and putting on our Branch events and programs? If so, please join us on our Branch's Basecamp.

Branch Council

Greg Sgammato
Branch Chief

Reuven Herman
Branch Councilor

Jessica Grembowski
Branch Councilor

Featured Branch Members

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