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Development Branch

The Development Branch is the hub for creators who enjoy taking a project idea and building it into a reality. This branch organizes unique events relevant to professionals of all levels working in areas of creative and visual development including: panel discussions on the development process, Q&A’s with writers, artists, and executives, and workshops tailored to sharpening development skills while also fostering the creative spirit.

Roles Included in this Branch

Visual Development

Concept Artists
Background Artists
Color Key Artists
Character Designers
Costume Designers
Prop Designers
Environment Designers
Production Designers

Story Development

Storyboard Artists
Storyboard Revisionists

Development Leadership

Supervising Directors
Development Executives
Creative Executives
Art Directors

Development Support Staff

Assistant Directors
Director's Assistants
Producer's Assistants
Showrunner's Assistants
Writer's Assistants
Script Coordinators
Executive Assistants
Production Assistants

Get Involved!

Are you interested in getting involved with planning and putting on our Branch events and programs? If so, please join us on our Branch's Basecamp.

Branch Council

Melissa Peterson
Branch Chief

Ariel Freeman
Branch Councilor

Izzy Holder
Branch Councilor

Conlon Taaffe
Branch Councilor

Featured Branch Members

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