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Standing Global Committees

Careers Committee

The Careers Committee is responsible for helping our members position themselves in the best way to further their career in animation.  The committee works to put on different

Communications Committee

This committee is responsible for all communication from The Creators Society.  This includes putting the monthly Newsletter together, social media posts, press releases, and more. The chair will be responsible for managing all aspects of our communications also including The Creators Society Blog and Podcast.

Diversity Committee

Knowing when to stand and when to knell in support of what is right is very important. This committee will be responsible for looking at ways The Creators Society can be an advocate for justice. There is always more our organization can do, and this committee will help guide us, as well as educate our members on how to better serve our community.

Membership Committee

This committee will be responsible for managing and processing new memberships of The Creators Society.  This would include managing the New Member Guides, who help new members, and Studio Ambassadors for the different animation companies. This committee will also lead the effort in recruiting new members to The Creators Society. Will work to expand the benefits our members receive.  This includes partnering up with different companies to get discounts, or other perks. 

Standing Los Angeles Region Committees

Events Committee

The Events Committee is responsible for planning, and organizing the different events for The Creators Society. This includes putting on the Monthly Socials, and organizing and scheduling the different events put on by the different Branches of The Creators Society. All events must go through and be approved by the Events Committee Chair.

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