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The Creators Society


The Creators Society is one group, but is subdivided into different branches which represent specific fields of expertise within the animation industry in all areas from film, tv, commercials, music videos, games, virtual reality and augmented reality.  The role of a branch within the Creators Society is to plan events with topics specific to its members.  This will ensure all members will have some events each year which relates to their specific field.  Since The Creators Society's goal is to bring all members of the animation community together all members are welcome to attend any event even if it's hosted by a branch they're not a member of.  

Each branch will elect members to serve on the branch's council to serve as the leaders and voice of the branch.  The council will then elect one of the councilors to serve on The Creators Society's Board of Governors.  We are starting out with 8 branches, but as the need arises more branches can be created.  When an applicant is applying for membership they will be asked what branch they best fit into based on their career focus.  Any member can request to change branches in the future, if they feel they fit in another branch more.  A members branch should have little effect on their involvement in The Creators Society as a whole.

Asset Builders
Character Effects
Cinematographers / Layout
Directors / Showrunners
Production Executives
Production Staff

Concept & Dev Artists
Development Executives
Development Staff
Literary Agents & Managers

Voice Actors
Casting Directors
Voice Talent & Representatives

VFX Artists & Supervisors
Pipeline & Rendering
Production Tech
Technical Directors

Music & Sound
Picture Editors
Motion & Title Designers

Animation Marketing
Distribution Executives
Sales Agents

Support Staff

Current Membership Breakdown by Branch

We are hoping to continue to grow all Branches, especially our smaller ones to get a more even representation of the animation community.

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